Collaborative Affiliate Relationships

All affiliates are highly experienced and have been vetted through years of cooperative, complementary and collaborative engagements


Lighthouse is a management consulting firm specializing in the rapid resolution of operational bottlenecks, thus liberating a client’s ability to grow profitable and increase its corporate value. The Lighthouse team of business, operations and technology specialists assure they understand a client’s objectives, first – then after assessing bottlenecks and barriers to achieving those objectives implement dependable cost-effective improvements to business processes, organizational systems and technology. The result is accelerated achievement of the client’s target objectives. From core business process challenges, to complex compliance and security environments to lagging M&A integrations the Lighthouse hands-on team simply makes operational problems go away.



RW & Associates provides corporate culture development services in conjunction with QMP process deployments and transformation. Their “Straight Talk” absolute honesty workshops have received accolades across the country.




DMG Consultancy focuses on Strategic Organizational Development through Talent Strategy, Structure, Leadership and Culture. DMG is the go-to recruiting and HR resource for QMP engagements.




The R. Pay Company specializes in helping clients achieve operations excellence. Projects include initiatives for improvement in inventory turns, supply chain management, operations productivity and near-term operations strategy.