QMP Corporate Background


The Founding of QMP

The QMP process was created in 1990 to help small-to-midsize businesses succeed.

Why small to midsize business?

Because small to midsize businesses are the engines of new job growth – and new job growth keeps our country and our economy strong. And because sound strategic decisions made by these businesses generate the greatest economic and personal rewards for the business, its owners, its employees and the community in which it resides.

Since its creation the process has repeatedly proven itself in meeting the real-world challenges of the marketplace. 


The QMP™ Mission

It is QMP’s mission to increase the economic valuation of our client’s business.

We accomplish this by improving a client’s Market Strategy, launching cost effective New Business Development initiatives, installing Sales and Sales Management process disciplines and building a lasting Culture of Performance Excellence.

We are driven by a primary dedication to our client’s success, supported by sound empirical marketing science, real life data and unquestioned Certified Management Consultant ethics. 

We are dedicated to making the QMP process for Market Strategy, Business Development, Sales and Performance Excellence the standard methodology for small to mid-size business.


Our Corporate Values

Always act in the best interest of our clients

Assist in the stewardship of our clients’ human, economic and natural resources

Drive toward action and continuous improvement

Deliver facts, ideas, implications and alternatives to clients

Adhere to Absolute Honesty* in all communications

Client confidentiality

Conduct engagements professionally and ethically


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