Jerry Vieira, CMC, BSEE, BSM, MBA

President & Founder of The QMP Group

Marketing & Sales Transformation Leader 

Consultant, Trusted Advisor, Writer, Speaker, Mentor, Coach


One hour with Jerry will leave your team with exciting new insights, tools, techniques and thinking.

It will motivate them to achieve higher levels of Marketing & Sales Performance.

Jerry is a Certified Management Consultant, President & Founder of The QMP Group, Inc. and creator of both it’s namesake Foundational Marketing Methodology TM and the QMP Marketing and Sales Engine™. He is a specialist in market strategy and leading marketing & sales transformations. Jerry is considered an insightful, creative and energizing force in accelerating business growth and transforming business organizations.

Jerry frequently publishes articles and blogs and delivers talks and workshops on market strategy, sales, the adoption of innovation, motivation and establishing and maintaining a culture of performance excellence. He has held management and executive positions in engineering, manufacturing, marketing and sales in both Fortune 500, emerging pre-and-post IPO tech firms.

Jerry holds two Bachelors degrees, one in Electrical Engineering from Manhattan College and the other in Music from Portland State University. He earned an M.B.A. from the University of Rhode Island. His hobbies are fishing, hiking and composing. He can typically be found at any piano within sight.

Jerry is available to address your organization or group on a wide range of strategy, marketing, sales and management topics for luncheons, keynotes and half or full-day facilitated workshops. His talks are insightful and his stories are colorful, memorable and entertaining. People remember the imagery, analogies and gems of wisdom for many years.

Just a few audience comments sum up the experience of listening to Jerry speak.

“I learned and was inspired!”

“I have never worked with an individual who can help think through strategic issues as efficiently and effectively as Jerry Vieira” 

“The single most educational day I’ve had since I earned my MBA over ten years ago.”   

“Jerry makes us think!”

“I had never thought of things that way before”


Jerry’s Most Valued Speaking Topics

Accelerating the Market Adoption of Your Innovation”  What to do when the market doesn’t seem to grasp the genius of what you’ve created.

“What is Strategic Marketing and How Do I do it Right?”  Discover the high returns of an small investment of time in sound strategic market analysis.

The Six Basic Market Strategies – and the two that have the highest probability of success Learn the lessons of 5,000 years of warfare and 80 years of marketing science. Learn to avoid the fallacies and failures of conventional wisdom.

“The Seven Laws of Performance Excellence”  We all know that having a good strategy is important.  But, we also know that execution is everything. Discover the secret ingredients for installing a lasting culture of reliable execution in your organization.

“How to Test the Reality of the Sales Forecast” An insightful and revealing hour for Owners, GMs and Sales Management Executives that teaches you techniques to quickly assess the truth and reality of your sales forecast. Discover how to find truth and inject reality into the Forecast the sales team gives you

“The Marketing & Sales Organizational Capabilities Audit” Learn a basic 8-dimension self-audit process that reveals opportunities for growth and increasing marketing & sales ROI.

“Marketing Programs du Jour” How to identify the good and lasting ones  and avoiding populist crap.

“Six Common Sales Myths” or How Reality Unmasks Platitudes

“The 45-Minute Sales Process Experience” Hold on to your hats!  Four steps, six qualification criteria, sure-fire sales call planning, reading people and discovering customer needs and motivations. Yup, all in 45 minutes. Well, there are an additional 15 minutes for Questions at the end.

“Pricing Strategies: Easy Money or Competitive Suicide?” Has your company fallen into a pricing rut? Learn about the basic fallacies of price-driven markets.

The 11 Common Barriers to Making Progress” Learn how to quickly identify which is holding back your organization and how to overcome it.

The Real Reasons Some Companies Succeed and Some Companies Fail Learn how to identify what’s really driving your business and what to do about it – even if you think nothing needs to be done.

If you are interested in having Jerry address your group, please Contact us for a topic synopsis and speaker availability. Call 503.318.2696 or email. We will respond within 24 hours.