News from QMP


April 2013

Jerry Vieira elected Oregon South West Washing Chapter President of the Institute of Management Consultants


February 2012

The QMP Group announces its 2012 QMP Institute Workshop and Training Schedule


January 2012

Jerry Vieira rejoins local Institute of Management Consultants Board of Directors as co-marketing chair


September 2011

The QMP Group launches it The QMP Insights blog


December 5, 2008

Institute of Management Consultants awards CMC certification to QMP President & Founder Jerry Vieira


March 12, 2008

The QMP Group announces Consultancy Navigator Program for assisting new consultants in starting up their practice, Read on MarketWire


August 1, 2007

The QMP Group announces unique and innovative Marketing and Sales QMP Certification Program for small and mid-size companies. Read on Business Wire


April 10, 2007

The QMP Group announces release of the Account Portfolio Planning System (APPS)


February 23, 2007

QMP changes its name from QMP Associates to The QMP Group, Inc. to better reflect the nature of its current services offerings


November 15th, 2004

QMP Associates, Inc. and Joe Laughlin, former CEO of Laughlin Wilt Group, join forces.


June 30, 2004

QMP announces Marketing and Sales Excellence Corporate Transformation Program.


January 2, 2004

QMP Associates, Inc. announces strategic alliance with The Hogan Center for Performance Excellence in Dallas, TX


December 8, 2003

QMP Associates, Inc. announces formation of The QMP™ Institute for Marketing and Sales Excellence dedicated to market strategy, business development, sales process and performance management excellence.


November 30, 2003

QMP Associates, Inc. announces the QMP Value Assurance Program for QMP process adopters