The QMP Methodology for Manufacturing Firms

Manufacturing in the United States will remain viable if, in addition to aggressive operational productivity programs and quality disciplines, the right market strategies are chosen and executed well. 


Life has never been more challenging for U.S. manufacturing firms.  In many markets, off-shore and near-shore competition are taking most of the high-volume, non-defense work – leaving a more competitive environment for the high-mix, low volume opportunities remaining.  But even though today’s economic forces and the global competitive landscape have raised the competitive nature of game, the outlook is positive if manufacturing executives take the time to think strategically, formulate winning market strategies and execute well.

Navigating these challenging and competitive waters takes more than just hustle. It takes good market strategy and sound sales discipline.  Strategy means deciding where to focus and how to align corporate resources and assets to achieve a strongly differentiated position in solid, profitable markets.  

For more than 20 years QMP has been helping small and large manufacturing firms achieve more profitable growth.

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