The QMP Methodology for Mid-Size Business


Reach your stride by launching successful new business growth initiatives, over and over again


A medium sized business is defined as a small business that has survived the start-up phase and grown into a self-sustaining revenue machine. These firms exhibit a common set of characteristics that served as the foundation of their success, namely the energy, talent and commitment of the owners/founders, a fundamentally sound quality offering, a handful of key employees and a customer base that has come to depend on the firm as a trusted supplier. 

This is an excellent start, but not a sufficient foundation, on which to build the next stage of growth.  The QMP Process guides companies in the systemization, institutionalizing and adoption of the market strategy, business development, sales and performance management processes which reinforce and supplement the in-place capabilities of the firm—adding critical capabilities on which to build the next phase of growth.













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What mid-sized QMP clients say …

“QMP quickly engages a management team, mobilizing the organization to produce meaningful improvement in the most compelling area of concern – while simultaneously enhancing the business processes and management asset effectiveness of the organization in ways that can build long-term competitive advantage and superior financial performance.”

CEO, Contract Manufacturing Firm


“QSP is a disciplined sales process that anyone can learn and master. It teaches an invaluable set of skills and tools – assets you take with you the rest of your career. Whether you’re a new sales person or a 25 year veteran, you come away with a great deal of value – and when applied in a disciplined fashion, QSP will quickly and positively impact your individual and group results.”

Vice President of Sales


“QMP tailored their sales training program to meet the specific needs of our nation-wide property sales teams. The result was a program that delivered exactly what we wanted, in the time frame allotted, and at a reasonable price. The program is thorough, insightful, full of useful tools and approaches, and presented in a professional and yet entertaining way.”

Vice President, Sales and Marketing