QMP for Small Business


 Small Businesses need to get the most from their marketing and sales investments.

Focus and Discipline are critical – and the QMPTM process provides both

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What small business clients say about QMP….

“The QMP process gets a company quickly focused on the best markets, shows you ways to get the most mileage from your marketing expenditures and provides a set of sales disciplines that cleans the dead wood out of the sales pipeline and moves the good accounts rapidly to closure.” 

Lon Leneve, COO, Compli, Inc.


“This strategy workout is just the thing we needed to get us to the next level.”                                                        

Rey Sosa, CEO Pentagon EMS


“QMP has as one of its corporate guiding principles, ‘Dedicated to client success’. I can state, first hand, that phrase is more than simply words to QMP I am continually impressed with their willingness to engage, answer questions, be proactive and go the extra mile, well beyond contracted engagements, to help a small company succeed.

Chuck Van Meter, CEO, INI

Small businesses that have survived the start-up phase and grown into a self-sustaining revenue machine, have already demonstrated a viable combination of capabilities, assets and product offerings that have formed the foundation of their success to date. These ingredients usually include, the personal energy, talent and commitment of the founders, a fundamentally sound product or service offering, a handful of key employees and a customer base that has come to depend on them as a trusted supplier.

The next challenge is assessing alternatives and formulating a market strategy for growth. That strategy, however, is simply a worthless document without a successful deployment.

QMP understands those challenges, and has the tools, processes and techniques to do both parts, specifically, formulating the growth strategy and deploying it successfully. 

By assessing the strengths and weakness of the client’s marketing and sales organization and processes, and then comparing those to the QMP Marketing and Sales Engine model (below) gaps are identified and a tailored program is developed to assist the client in achieving its corporate revenue and profit goals.


 The QMP Marketing & Sales EngineTM

QMP M&S Engine

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