The QMP Methodology for Business Start-Ups

It’s never too early to put in place marketing and sales process disciplines.

StartUp II

“This strategy workout is just the thing we needed to get us to the next level.”

Rey Sosa, CEO Pentagon EMS

The Challenges of a Startup

A startup inevitably is cash-constrained. Spending the limited investment funding available on “big-blast” marketing, promotional or “branding” initiatives to “get your name out there”, has been proven over-and-over again ineffective in building revenues. The result is often the need for further, ownership-diluting investment.

What is really needed is a limited number of high-value, profitable customer engagements that validate the core value proposition of your offering, prove its competitive differentiated strength and builds a satisfied customer reference base. The a highly-focused, cost-effective market-network program expands business quickly.

The QMP methodology focuses your market strategy, assuring that your limited marketing expenditures find highly-leveraged, profitable customer transactions that will provide early success, solid cash flow and enable future growth.

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