Wholesale Distribution 



“We achieved an astonishing 47% increase in sales and margin in the 2 years since deploying the QMP program. The process allowed me to arm my sales team with clear and concise methods for market assessment, customer discovery and opportunity qualification. It taught us to understand, communicate & deliver real value to our customers.”

Regional Sales Manager, Wholesale Distribution

The life of a distributor is changing

The world of the wholesale distributor is challenged like never before. The tides of structural change are affecting everything about the business: e-commerce, lean initiatives, supply-chain management, dealing with foreign suppliers and your customers’ inventory reduction programs. All these factors are putting increasing demands on distributors.

But most fundamentally, distributors must find ways to provide both their constituencies – their vendors and their customers – real and significant value. If they don’t they will be permanently sentenced to price competition

QMP works with wholesale distributors to:

  • Improve outside and inside sales productivity
  • Build value-adding capabilities
  • Launch new products from principles
  • Build a track record with new vendors based on performance
  • Service customers by having exactly the right stuff, at the right time in the right place
  • Turn your price-driven “Quote mill” into a value added, price premium, proposal-driven customer asset

If you are a wholesale distributor facing growing competitive challenges in this economy, contact QMP at 503.318.2696 or contact us through our Contact Us page and describe your challenges. We’re here to help.