Business Turnarounds

If half of the businesses in a market are performing worse than the other half, then half of all businesses in that market need a turnaround.

A QMP business turnaround program is designed to assist firms needing or wanting a fundamental, lasting improvement in their profitability and the way they do business. Under the guidance of a highly experienced QMP team, and using field-proven processes, disciplines, systems and tools, your business will optimize its strategy, refocus resources on the most lucrative new business development alternatives and assist you in instilling a lasting culture of performance excellence. The result is re-energized top-and-bottom-line growth

>All programs are custom-tailored to your firm’s specific circumstances. However, whether it’s a transformation, turn-around or intervention, QMP™ programs have two common components:

  • An immediate Executive Team Market Strategy Workout
  • An aggressive 13, 26 or 52-week value assurance deployment support program to assure success in execution

Contemplative Businessman

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“QMP quickly engages a management team, mobilizing the organization to produce meaningful improvement in the most compelling area of concern – while simultaneously enhancing the business processes and management asset effectiveness of the organization in ways that can build long-term competitive advantage and superior financial performance.”                                                                                                              CEO, Contract Manufacturing Firm“


QMP has as one of its corporate guiding principles, ‘Dedicated to client success’. I can state, first hand, that phrase is more than simply words to QMP I am continually impressed with their willingness to engage, answer questions, be proactive and go the extra mile, well beyond contracted engagements, to help a small company succeed.”                                                                                                               Chuck Van Meter, CEO, Interactive Northwest Inc.