CEO Advisory Services

It can be lonely at the top. Every leader needs an honest, trusted advisor – someone with whom it is safe to test their ideas and thoughts.

As a CEO / Owner, you are the final authority.  You are the ultimate responsible for the actions taken and investments made in the firm – and the one whom everyone turns to for inspired leadership when times get tough.  It can be lonely and stressful.

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To help, CEOs need someone who they trust to listen to them, bounce ideas off of, point out where there might be an oversight or error in their thinking, provide insight, and most importantly, be honest with them. You need an advisor that you are confident is always acting in your best interest – not their own. All QMP Associates have filled that role with client CEOs.

We listen. We ask good, penetrating questions. We help clients think like they haven’t thought before.  We advise.  We share our extensive business experience. We offer insights. We’re honest and direct. We always act and advise with their best interest as the primary consideration and QMP Associates adhere to the rigorous ethical standards of the Institute of Management Consultants.

Don’t take only our word for it. It takes time to build trust. We’ll let you talk with our past and current clients and spend time getting to know you, your dreams and your challenges and how you think. Then if there’s a style match and you want us to help you pull the wagon to reach your goals, we’ll do that.

Call us at 503.318.2696, or tell us about your challenges through our Contact Us page. We hold your discussions confidential. We’re here to help.