Finding New Markets

Experience shows that a focused approach has a much higher and faster success rate than throwing things against the wall to see what sticks
The efficient and successful discovery and penetration of new markets requires three steps: 1) a consistent flow of ideas and opinions about what markets to approach, 2) a way to quickly assess their viability before committing a lot of money and 3) a sales approach that gains rapid traction. 

The QMP process, helps a firm quickly sort through and assess the viability of the myriad of opportunities already represented in its current customer base, the endless ideas and suggestions from the sales force and the market in general.

Using QMP: In one case a client discovered a new high potential market in a segment that they had only one customer in.  In less than three years they had 1,000 additional customers in that segment.  In another case, a client found an untapped vein of gold in the Medical market and grew 55% a year for 6 years straight.  The QMP process has proven itself time after time.

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