Lean Marketing & Sales

“Lean is the process of maximizing the value delivered to customers by eliminating any wasted activity or expense that does not create, communicate or enhance customer-received value. Lean principles increase both your top and bottom lines—while increasing the value received by your customers.”

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Jerry’s Lean Marketing & Sales Blog Post


The QMP Marketing and Sales Engine assures that your customers are receiving the highest possible value from your company compared to your competitors, and that your firm is delivering that value economically, at a fair price and a good profit.

Lean principles reduce waste by assuring that whatever investments and expenditures are made in product development, marketing, customer service and sales, are aimed directly at the heart of what customers perceive as valuable. In doing so, QMP’s Law of Economic Value is assured. That law states:

“All economic value accruing to your firm has, as its source, the customer’s perception that they will receive more value (economic, emotional or physical) from your product or service than it costs them (economically, emotionally or physically) to purchase, acquire, set up and use.”

Let the QMP Group help you get more from your marketing and sales investment, while delivering more value to your customers. Please read our Lean Marketing and Sales blog post by clicking here 

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