Marketing & Sales Effectiveness Assessments


Discover opportunities to improve revenue, earnings and corporate value

A QMP marketing and sales effectiveness assessment is designed to identify those areas within a company’s marketing and sales function that have the best potential for creating significant economic improvement. The areas evaluated include:

  • Clarity, focus and soundness of the market strategy
  • Viability of the firm’s target markets or products
  • Effectiveness of the tactical marketing plan
  • Pricing strategy
  • Accuracy and “real” value of the sales pipeline
  • Effectiveness of the channel-to-market strategy
  • Quality of sales process and training
  • Sales team capabilities
  • Sales forecasting process
  • Sales compensation plan effectiveness
  • Account management effectiveness
  • Effectiveness of the sales tool kit
  • Sales and marketing management process
  • Sales and Marketing ROI 


3-Person Team


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The time required for an audit varies with the size of the firm and the geographic dispersion of its operating divisions and sales offices. During the audit the following activities take place:

Executive interviews to identify areas of special concern

Internal and field research (optional) for data gathering

Presentation of preliminary findings

Supplemental data gathering (if required)

Presentation of Summary Report and Recommendations

Formulation of an improvement road map

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