Personalized Mentoring and Coaching


Jerry Vieira, CMC provides individualized, mentoring, coaching and advisory support to professionals within various organizational levels and roles:

Marketing ProfessionalsJerry Cropped

Marketing Managers

Sales Managers

Sales Professionals

Product Managers



What our Mentees say …

“After meeting Jerry at an Institute for Management Consultants webinar, he quickly reached out to offer advice in developing my consulting practice. The advice was sound and came at a time when I needed some direction. His willingness to generously share his wisdom easily influenced my decision to invest in his QMP Consultancy Navigator Program – a valuable resource to me as a management consultant.  Jerry responds very quickly to questions, reviews documents, and makes well thought out recommendations that really made a difference to me. From my experience as a delighted client, I would highly recommend Jerry without reservation.”  Rich Jarvis, Management Consultant, Boise Idaho


Jerry has all the trademarks of a master consultant. Careful listening, pointed questions and illuminating personal stories. He is exceptionally generous in sharing his expertise and his resources”  Elaine Lees

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