Multi-Client QMP Process Adoption Program


The Multi-Client QMP Process Adoption Program is a cost-and-learning-effective way for small firms to embrace and rapidly gain lift from adopting the QMP process. The multi-client format provides a supportive and mutual shared-learning experience for professional colleagues.

power meeting from aboveThe QMP™ multi-client Marketing and Sales Excellence Program is a series of 5 interactive executive-team workouts whose objective it is to assist companies in the adoption of a world-class, integrated, cost-effective market strategy, business development, sales and performance management process. Executive teams, from as many as six non-competing companies, can participate. Each team typically comprises the CEO/Owner and his direct reports. The process encourages shared learning and the cross fertilization of ideas and experience between participating firms.

QMP™  helps each firm learn and adopt a set of rapid-impact skills, processes, tools and disciplines that have been proven to quickly accelerate both top and bottom-line growth. To assure rapid impact, learning is focused on your most pressing marketing and sales challenges.

Over a period of five months (1 workout day each month with homework and QMP™ support in between), your team will:

  • Re-assess and select the most compelling market strategy, target markets and competitive differentiation
  • Begin to think of products, services and channel capabilities in terms of economic customer value — assuring price-premiums
  • Evaluate competitiveness and formulate high-probability of success market penetration initiatives and business development activities
  • Learn to create cost-effective and compelling sales support materials and more cost-effective tactical marketing programs
  • Deploy a highly effective, disciplined and efficient sales, pipeline and account portfolio-management process
  • Deploy improved performance management disciplines including: initiative formulation and management, key indicator-of-success metrics and clear expectations, ownership and accountabilities


Program Content

Session 1 Content

QMP Process Overview – Market Strategy Formulation

  • Business Objectives, Barriers and Current Initiatives (exercise)
  • Preliminary Self-Assessments
  • QMP Process Overview (tutorial)
  • Strategic Asset and Pivot Analysis (exercise)
  • Target Market Attractiveness Assessment (exercise)
  • Diffusion of Innovations (tutorial)
  • Channel Effectiveness Assessment (exercise)
  • Competitive Assessment (exercise)
  • Customer Engagement Modeling (exercise)
  • Target Market Strategy Creation (exercise)

 Session 2 Content

High-Impact Business Development Initiatives

  • Business Development Overview
  • Accelerating Adoption
  • The Customer Buying Model (exercise)
  • Thought Leadership
  • The Target Market Ecosystem
  • Business Development Tool Kit Creation (exercise)
  • Assessing the value, selecting and leveraging networks (tutorial)

Session 3 Content

Supercharging the Sales Process QSP

  • The QSP (Quality Sales Process) Overview
  • Pre-Qualification: Discovery & Fact-finding
  • The Customer Buying Process
  • Decision Maker Styles: Reading People
  • Building Trust and Credibility
  • Formulating Specific Account Opportunity Strategies (exercise)
  • Quotes and Proposals
  • Sales Pipeline and Account Portfolio Management
  • Market Intelligence: Gathering and Communicating High-Value Information

Sales strategies for current account opportunities will be worked on.

Session 4 Content

Execution: Process Deployment & Performance Management  

  • Self-Assessing the Corporate Culture
  • Managing an Initiative: The Basic Unit of Execution
  • Progress Metrics and Checkpoints
  • Expectations, Ownership and Accountability
  • The 11 C’s of Getting things Moving
  • Recruiting Process
  • Decision Making 

Session 5 On-Site

Individual Firm Work Session

An individualized, post-workshop, on-site work session is scheduled for each participating company to assist with the details of program deployment. Since all firms have company-specific circumstances, this work session provides situation-specific guidance in the refinement of strategy, priorities for business development initiatives, changes in channel programs, resource re-deployments and sales process discipline implementation. 

What clients say …

About the QMP Process … 

“The QMP process gets a company quickly focused on the best markets, shows you ways to get the most mileage from your marketing expenditures and provides a set of sales disciplines that cleans the dead wood out of the sales pipeline and moves the good accounts rapidly to closure.”      CEO Software Company

About QMP Strategy Workouts

“The QMP strategy framework allows us to quickly and effectively assess new opportunities. I was truly excited when I first became exposed to it four years ago and my use and enthusiasm hasn’t diminished one bit.” CTO, Medical Equipment Company

About QMP Market Strategy

“QMP uses models that make quick work of mind-twisting strategic challenges. The approach is no-nonsense and quickly gets to the real issues. I have never worked with (a process) that can help think through strategic issues as efficiently and effectively.” CEO; e-Learning Company 

About the QMP Sales Process

“QSP is a disciplined sales process that anyone can learn and master. It teaches an invaluable set of skills and tools.”  VP Sales, Technology Company


The QMP Marketing & Sales Engine