New Business Development Initiatives


The starting point for sales breakthroughs and an critically important market viability test for new business ideas, a QMP New Business Development Initiative is the critical link between Market Strategy and Sales  – and the key to growth and profitability. 

A QMP Business Development initiative reduces risk and expense, while increasing the the speed and probability of success of new product launches.

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What a New Business Development Initiative Means

  • Formulating and testing a value proposition with targeted accounts
  • Developing the appropriate channel to market (distributors, sales reps, service and support)
  • Validating a new product’s value-proposition and differentiation with customers
  • Validating the economics of the offering — from the perspectives of both the customer and the company
  • Testing the price point and recommending pricing adjustments
  • Testing the sales story, process and tool kit
  • Feeding back critical information for rapid strategic adjustment
  • Building early success, resulting in case studies, testimonials and documented successful results

The Benefits

  • Permits testing of new strategic market initiatives without distraction of the company’s main business operations
  • Minimizes the time required to determine a market initiative’s real value
  • Leverage – a single marketing manager can manage several outsourced business development initiatives simultaneously
  • Market feedback is organized, summarized and clearly documented.



The QMP New Business Development Initiative Process 



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