Organizational Culture Transformations

Building the four pillars of success: Culture, Strategy, Structure and Leadership

Occasionally, firms come to the fundamental realization that a cultural change is needed — a reassessment and rebuilding of the fundamental values, behaviors, culture, strategy, structure, processes and leadership that drive the business. Working with the expert assistance of DMG Consultancy Ltd., QMP helps clients architect and manage these transformations.

Such a transformation typically has four closely-integrated parts:

  • Culture: evolving the culture to a healthier, higher performance level
  • Strategy: Regaining focus on the best markets, delivering enhanced customer value and reinforcing differentiation
  • Structure: Aligning the organization chart with the strategy
  • Leadership: Building the leadership skills to accelerate and sustain success

How is a Transformation Accomplished?

Through a combination of strategic working sessions QMP consultants walk you through a disciplined, facilitated process to accomplish these changes.  That process involves:

  • Assessment and Gap Analysis of Culture, Strategy, Structure and Leadership
  • Executive Commitment to Change
  • Change Deployment Planning
  • Team Formation
  • Benchmarking the starting point
  • Execution: frequent working sessions with key staff
  • Checkpoints: with progress measured against original benchmarks
  • Final report and recommendations

How long does a transformation take?

It depends on the size of the company, the extent of the gaps, the degree of executive commitment and the time the client wishes it to take.  For small to midsized companies (less than 300 employees) a corporate transformation  can be as short as 90 days or as long as 24 months.



Diane Gibson

Diane Gibson

President DMG Consultancy

Chief Organizational Architect

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