Building a Corporate Culture of Performance Excellence

Studies have shown that companies with an established culture of performance excellence achieve up to 15 times greater total return to shareholders than those who don’t.

Young speaker at a meetingAdopting a culture of performance excellence represents a major commitment by the owners or executives of a firm to fundamentally and significantly improve the way they do business.

This includes significant improvements in how the company:

  • Defines and maintains its core values
  • Sets and aligns corporate, departmental and individual goals and objectives
  • Maintains focus on the most important of those objectives
  • Formulates and manages specific team initiatives
  • Sets clear expectations and accountability
  • Sets up measurements and metrics to track progress
  • Sets up and executes checkpoint discussions
  • Identifies and overcomes barriers
  • Recruits and trains its employees
  • Builds and continually improves its core business processes
  • Rewards and compensates achievement

The benefits of a performance excellence transformed culture are remarkable—almost too numerous to mention.  But here are just a few:

  • Higher return on investment
  • Faster business cycle time
  • The ability to recruit and retain good talent
  • Improved asset utilization
  • Significantly improved ability to exploit new business opportunities
  • An increase market valuation of the firm
  • A strong esprit-de-corps

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