Sales Improvements: Process, Skills, Disciplines and Results

QMP discovers the few, high-leverage improvements that create rapid and lasting revenue upsides

Sometimes it’s a just a little pebble in front of the cart-wheel that brings progress to a screeching halt. A QMP sales improvement program finds and removes those few pebbles that are holding up your sales teams’ forward progress.

QMP  offers tailored sales process improvement and optimization programs – which may include customized sales skills training programs. Tailored programs are developed after a quick but penetrating analysis of a client’s current sales barriers, process inefficiencies, market strategies, target markets and successes, and the dysfunctions of its current sales approach and discipline.

Our documented results include:

  • A 55% per year growth rate for 6 years straight (medical electronics)
  • 47% regional sales improvement in two years (wholesale distribution)
  • Million $ sales orders in a business that never had more than a $20,000 order before (medical systems)
  • Price premiums of 20% with increasing market share (electronic components)
  • 15% improvement in new wins in 9 months (hydraulic components) 
  • 1,000 new clients in 2.5 years (software)
  • 70% sales productivity increase in two years (wholesale distribution)

              … and more


Here’s what some of our sales improvement clients say …


“The QMP process gets a company quickly focused on the best markets, shows you ways to get the most mileage from your marketing expenditures and provides a set of sales disciplines that cleans the dead wood out of the sales pipeline and moves the good accounts rapidly to closure.”                     

Lon Leneve, COO, Compli, Inc.


“The best word to describe our sales team’s QMP training experience, is Insight!  Using the real opportunities in our pipeline, Jerry helped us see things from the customer perspective so much clearer and taught us how to create optimal sales strategies and action plans as a result. He taught us techniques for reading peoples’ styles, showed us how to discover the customer decision process, how to phrase questions in a way that builds client trust – and even how to quickly configure our CRM system to enable us to use these techniques as a part of our daily routine.  Based on the QMP approach and our newly acquired skills, I’m convinced that we’ll provide better solutions to our clients and be more successful.  Great learning experience. Fun too!”

Peter Stroeve, CEO – Velocity Partners


“We achieved an astonishing 47% increase in sales and margin in the 2 years since deploying the QSP program. The process allowed me to arm my sales team with clear and concise methods for market assessment, customer discovery and opportunity qualification. It taught us to understand, communicate & deliver  real value to our customers.”

Regional Sales Manager, Wholesale Distribution


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QMP Sales Training Program.


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