How a QMP Engagement Works


Step 1: Assessment

A QMP engagement typically begins with a low cost, objective assessment of the firm’s Marketing & Sales capabilities and performance. The first part of this assessment step elicits perceptions of the marketing & sales organizational capabilities from management and key employees who are in, or frequently interact with, the marketing & sales function. Subsequently, those results are compiled and validated through an objective on-site validation effort by QMP. The output is a brief summary report and recommended improvement roadmap.

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Step 2: Executive Strategy Development & Deployment Workout

Once the Assessment is validated, the client’s Executive Team will participate in a collaborative, two-day facilitated work-session to identify and plan the transformations needed in Strategic Market Focus, Business Development approach, Sales Process and Corporate Culture. The deployment roadmap is a direct outcome of the assessment and tailored programs designed to close any deficiencies.

Step 3: Deployment

A complete QMP Foundational Marketing Methodology deployment is comprehensive. The up-front Assessment assures two important things: 1) you improve, first, only what is necessary, and 2) you improve things in priority of which can have the biggest economic impact. 

The QMP Foundational Marketing Methodology includes a comprehensive suite of proven tools, techniques and processes to train and deploy in most B2B firms. But like any tool kit, only the tools needed for the job are deployed to get achieve results as quickly as possible.

Often some basic training is required – but never without immediate application to the challenges at hand.  Throughout the complete deployment program QMP specialists advise, coach and share the workload, hands-on, to get things done and deliver value.