The QMP Marketing and Sales Engine

The QMP Marketing and Sales Engine is an integrated, field-proven business process for improving and the results delivered by your firm’s marketing and sales organization.

Every business has a Marketing and Sales function – or it wouldn’t be in business.  QMP engagements have a proven track record of significantly improving that essential business function. 

Collaborating closely with a client’s executive management team, we install, repair, rebuild, align, supercharge, and tune-up any of the gears of the marketing & sales process that are under-performing. 

QMP tailors its tools, processes and techniques to meet your unique business and market needs resulting in growing revenues, profits and company valuation. 

The results are long-lasting.

“QMP uses models and tools that make quick work of mind-twisting strategic challenges. The approach is no-nonsense and quickly gets to the real issues. It’s a facilitated process, and I have to say, I have never worked with a (team that) can help think through strategic issues as efficiently and effectively.”  John Bernard, Mass Ingenuity


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