Foundational Marketing Achieves Real Results


 The QMP Foundational Marketing Methodology TM  has repeatedly proven its value in the real world.

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Some Real Examples:


  • A stalled SaaS Software firm gained 1,000+ new clients in less than three years


  • A Medical Systems company garnered a 145% market valuation premium in acquisition buy-out


  • An Electronics firm grew its medical market revenue 50%/year for six years straight, while maintaining price premiums over the competition. This growth drove a successful IPO.


  •  Wholesale Distribution region improved sales by 47% in two years
  • In that same Wholesale Distribution firm, QMP efforts contributed to a 75% Sales Increase and 400% EBIT Improvement over 3 years
  • A Hydraulic Components company increased new design wins by 15% in six months with a 30% reduction in time wasted on unsuccessful quotes.


  • A Medical Peripherals business increased their hospital customer base from two to 150+ in two years, increased selling prices by 200% and set a record for the largest single order of over $1M+


  • A precision Metal Stamping Firm experienced a strategic new business development win within the first 6 months of having adopted the QMP methodology for sales. That single win increased its overall business level by 20%
  • A struggling Capital Equipment company found a successful market niche to avoid head-to-head price competition with Asian competitors
  • A Healthcare Products company gained 8% revenue in a year when the market was declining 20%


Our clients say…  

 “The QMP process makes us think and quickly move to action.”

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