QMP Market Strategy Workshop

“(It was) the single most educational day I’ve had since I earned my MBA over ten years ago.” 

Strategy Consultant, College Marketing Instructor, Graduate of Columbia University


Learn the process and techniques that achieved 55% a year growth for 6 years for one company, grew a customer base for a software company from 1 to 1000 customers in 3 years and took a business that was about to be shut down from near collapse to winning orders up to and exceeding $1M from hospitals- all while raising prices.  Learn how to get the most from your limited marketing budget. 

This one-day QMP Market Strategy Workshop provides a field-proven suite of  tools and techniques for achieving rapid growth through market focus and targeted business development initiatives.


Workshop Content


  • Foundational Marketing basics
  • Defining innovative products
  • 12 criteria for picking attractive target markets
  • The 6 fundamental market strategies
  • RPQL and its role in strategic success
  • Pricing and the economic value strategies
  • Channel-to-market strategies
  • Strategic alignment
  • Launching new business development and new product initiatives
  • Accelerating the market adoption of innovation
  • Leveraging the intra-market network (viral marketing, social media)
  • eStrategy development
  • Strategy deployment (testing new strategies)
  • Execution, Execution, Execution
  • Market intelligence feedback

Who should attend:

  • Product Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Engineers and Entrepreneurs
  • General Managers, CEOs, Owner

What Attendees Say… 

“Excellent! Definitely tools to use immediately”

“Definitely a very good process I can apply to my business”

“The QMP strategy framework allows us to quickly and effectively assess the attractiveness of new opportunities. The tool set reduces complex market factors to a few simple, easy-to-understand charts that not only develop the strategy, but also allow us to communicate it quickly to the organization. The process provides us a methodology for expanding the strategy into a set of consistent and coordinated actionable tasks. I was truly excited when I first became exposed to it four years ago and my use and enthusiasm hasn’t diminished one bit.”  CTO, Medical Equipment Firm

“QMP uses models and tools that make quick work of mind-twisting strategic challenges. The approach is no-nonsense and quickly gets to the real issues. It’s a facilitated process, and I have to say, I have never worked with an individual who can help think through strategic issues as efficiently and effectively as Jerry Vieira.”   Exec VP

Registration Fee:

$ 995 / attendee

Call us at 503.318.2696 to arrange market strategy training for your marketing and sales team.