Marketing & Sales for Non-Marketing & Sales Professionals Workshop

“The best way to increase your marketing success almost always means spending and doing less… but assuring what you are spending is targeted at the right things”
This half-day workshop provides non marketing and sales professionals and business owners with simple, enlightening and entertaining insights as to what really matters and what really works (and what does not work) in marketing and sales. Learn the secrets of quickly drilling to the heart of sales and marketing issues. This program delights financial and engineering professionals alike.

Workshop Content

  • Myths about marketing and sales
  • Value propositions and differentiation
  • Selecting lucrative markets
  • The 6 basic marketing strategies
  • How to examine the likelihood of a sales forecast
  • Why “Getting your name out there” isn’t always the best idea
  • Cost effective tactical marketing: social media
  • Diagnosing stalled sales
  • The power of market focus
  • Simplified sales management (qualification and portfolios)



Who should attend

  • Finance and accounting professionals
  • Engineering managers
  • Project managers
  • HR professionals
  • Investors

Registration Fee: $495

Call us at 503.318.2696 to schedule this workshop for your non-marketing and sales teams