Performance Excellence Workshop


Studies have shown that companies with an established culture of performance excellence achieve up to 15 times greater total return to shareholders and a similar performance in operating income, than those who don’t have that culture in place.

QMP assists clients in building a culture of Performance Excellence – a culture that can be trusted to consistently deliver the reliable execution of any business initiative or project. We work hands on in instilling the motivation, reward systems, training, techniques and tools.In support of such endeavors QMPtm developed a Performance Excellence Program (PEP™), a full day hands-on workshop for managers, owners, project teams and employees. PEP™ introduces immediately useable tools, techniques and vocabulary — laying a groundwork for amazing results. Attendees work on their own real business problems and come away with a re-energized commitment to accomplishing their objectives and a tool kit to use to super-charge the organization’s ability to get things done. The payback is significant and quick.
Workshop Content

  • The 7 Laws of Performance Excellence
  • The 11C’s for Overcoming Barriers
  • The 6 Laws of Absolute Honesty
  • Objectives Setting
  • Aligning Objectives: Corporate, Departmental and Personal
  • Performance Excellence Tools, Techniques and Vocabulary
  • Setting Expectations & Assigning Accountability
  • Establishing Measurements: Process and Outcome Metrics
  • Managing Business Initiatives
  • Meetings No! Working Sessions Yes!
  • Incorporating Performance Excellence Principles into Daily Work
  • Deploying Cultural Change
Who would benefit from attending

  • CEOs, Owners
  • Functional managers
  • Human resources
  • Operations Managers
  • Marketing & Sales Managers
  • Finance and Accounting Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
 Registration Fee
$695  for class sizes up to 20
discounts available for larger enrollments
 To schedule your class, call us at 503.318.2696, email to or explain your training needs through our Contact Us page. Custom-tailored programs are available.