QMP Workshop Attendee Comments

“The single most educational day I’ve had since I earned my MBA over ten years ago.”  

Strategic Consultant, College Marketing Instructor, Graduate of Columbia University


“The best word to describe our sales team’s QMP training experience, is Insight!  Using the real opportunities in our pipeline, Jerry helped us see things from the customer perspective so much clearer and taught us how to create optimal sales strategies and action plans as a result. He taught us techniques for reading peoples’ styles, showed us how to discover the customer decision process, how to phrase questions in a way that builds client trust – and even how to quickly configure our CRM system to enable us to use these techniques as a part of our daily routine. Based on the QMP approach and our newly acquired skills, I’m convinced that we’ll provide better solutions to our clients and be more successful. Great learning experience. Fun too!”

Peter Stroeve, CEO – Velocity Partners 


“We achieved an astonishing 47% increase in sales and margin in the 2 years since deploying the QSP program. The process allowed me to arm my sales team with clear and concise methods for market assessment, customer discovery and opportunity qualification. It taught us to understand, communicate & deliver  real value to our customers.”   

Regional Sales Manager – Wholesales Distribution


“Wanted to let you know that we just won a HUGE program that, alone, will increase our annual revenue by 20%. I wanted to thank you for all of your help and guidance. We incorporated numerous techniques from the previous proposals that we worked on with you. This was a very competitive situation with 10 bidders and ultimately, “we knocked their socks off”. Not sure we would have won this had we submitted this proposal using the same approach we used prior to our QMP engagement!”

Peter Badovinac – Executive Vice President Horizon Die Company



“Unfortunately many consultants don’t have both feet on the ground when it comes to dealing with small business. They don’t recognize the scarcity of resources that exist inside a small but growing business. Your Sales Process and Tools Workshop, on the other hand, went straight to the heart of the matter and provided tools that we could understand and start using immediately. Not only did we use it to train our sales force, I personally find the qualification process immensely helpful in sorting through the projects that pop up.”

Dave Hall, Milwaukee Electronics – Manufacturing


“I wanted to thank you for the outstanding sales training we received. It was the best we’ve ever had. I’m using several of your techniques and really appreciated your coaching.”

Jessica Moretti – Comp View


“Incredible!  … an MBA in a day.” “… I learned and was inspired” “… learned a great deal about how markets should be chosen for success” “… (it) focused on the simple, yet critical pieces of the process” “… Definitely a very good process I can apply to my business” “… really drove home why marketing strategies are essential” “… more than exceeded my expectations”   “… Excellent! Definitely tools to use immediately”, “… simple presentation of a potentially complex subject”

Standing Businessman notebook and hand in pocket 

“….much more motivating and educational than I expected”

“ .. I believe that this will really improve our sales if we stick to it”

“.. This will really help us qualify our business (opportunities) and allow us to spend our time where we really have the best chance of closing the business.”

Business seminar

A note to managers about training: When organizations train and implement as a team the full benefit of training is achieved. That team includes management. The most successful companies in improving the effectiveness of their marketing and sales organizations have trained and implemented QMP™ processes as a team — from senior management to field sales, product managers and customer service. It is recommended, for maximum impact, that such marketing and sales process and cultural change initiatives be approached organizationally, not individually.
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