Adoption of Innovation Workshop

 “The best products don’t always win in a competitive market place”

High Technology

High tech and low-tech companies alike can develop innovations. The challenge is getting them adopted by the market place at an acceptable pace. When the pace of adoption is too slow, engineers  and creators don’t understand why customer can’t see the brilliance of their inventions. General managers can’t understand why the sales team can’t be more effective. Marketing needs more money for promotion.In this one-day workshop you’ll learn the about empirical studies and the secrets they revealed, as well as extremely useful techniques and tools for affecting the rapid, cost-effective adoption of your innovation into the marketplace.  Case studies have demonstrated orders of magnitude improvements when using these approaches

Workshop Content

Innovation and Diffusion Science

Market Segmentation

Sockets: Where products go to live their lives

The role of RPQL

Understanding relative economic value propositions

Selecting the best target segment for entry

Utilizing the intramarket network

The fallacy of branding investment

Affordable marketing investment

Focus vs “Getting our name out there”

Selecting the right channel to market 

Who Should Attend




Engineering Managers

Product Managers

Marketing & Sales Managers          

Project Managers


Registration Fee: $995 


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Adoption of Innovation Workshop for your marketing and product development team