The QMP Foundational Marketing Methodology Overview


The QMP Foundational Marketing Methodology is an integrated suite of process disciplines, techniques and tools that dovetail to form a highly efficient and effective Marketing & Sales Engine.

A high-performing Marketing & Sales Engine has four essential parts: a sound Market Strategy (value proposition, differentiation, target market and channel strategy), a cost-effective Business Development Process (its method of attracting and engaging new markets and customers), Sales Skills & Process Disciplines and a performance-driven Culture (the oil that keeps the engine running efficiently and smoothly).

The QMP Marketing & Sales Engine TM

The underlying concepts used in the QMP Marketing & Sales Process derive from extensive empirical marketing science, proven in the real world.


QMP Foundational Marketing Methodology tm

Executing the left-side Foundational Marketing activities well, helps greatly in selecting the most appropriate and cost-effective right-side activities.



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