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 Training programs and hands-on workshops from the QMP Institute for Marketing & Sales Excellence

The mission of the QMP Institute for Marketing & Sales Excellence is to make the QMP methodology and tool kit for Market Strategy, Business Development, Sales and Performance Excellence the de-facto standard of excellence for small to mid-size B2B firms.

QMP™ Market Strategy Workshop  (view content)

This one-day workshop reveals the research-proven fundamentals of how to formulate winning market strategies. Combining principles assembled from 60 years of marketing science research and more than 5,000 years of military history, this program presents a simple set of useful strategy-development tools for marketing and sales practitioners. Attendees will come away with an enlightened understanding of how to create sound, successful, defensible market strategies. 

QSP™ Sales Skills & Process (view content

This QSP sales workshop teaches salesmen and sales managers (beginners or veterans alike) how to manage their time, energy and resources to optimize the growth and profitability of their customer base. The simplified 4-step sales process is enhanced with techniques and tools for assessing real customer needs, reading people and buyer-types, formulating sales strategy, discovery and qualification techniques, discovery and listening skills, avoiding price-competition, selling value, gathering market intelligence and tracking opportunity pipelines. Software included. 

New Business Development  (view content

This QMP Business Development workshop serves as the tactical deployment manual for launching a new strategic initiatives. The program shows how to focus and allocate your marketing budget for most impact, how to get to the heart of the value proposition and how to pick the right mix of tactical marketing investments (web, promotion, publicity). A unique part of this program illustrates how to accelerate the adoption of an innovation. 

Accelerating the Adoption of Innovation (view content

High tech and low-tech companies alike can develop innovations. The challenge is getting them adopted into the market place at an acceptable pace.  Engineers don’t understand why customer can’t see the brilliance of their inventions.  General managers can’t understand why the sales team can’t be more effective.  Marketing needs more money for promotion. In this one-day workshop you’ll learn the secrets, techniques and tools for rapid, cost-effective adoption of your innovation into the marketplace.  Case studies have demonstrated orders of magnitude improvements when using these approaches.

B2B Pricing Strategies (view content

It has been shown that a 2% increase in selling price can have the same economic impact on a firm as a 25% in manufacturing productivity. This means that one person’s sound pricing decision can have the same positive results as 100 people in operations increasing their throughput by 25% in a year.  In this one-day workshop you will learn how to consider alternative approaches to pricing your products and services depending on market maturity and value. This means that you’ll learn how to drop through profits to the bottom line quickly.  

PEP™ Performance Excellence  (view content

Investing in building a culture of Performance Excellence is like planting in good soil. Plant marginal seed in good soil and you’ll get a crop. But, plant excellent seed in bad soil and you get nothing. Good strategy and people are not enough. A culture of performance excellence assures success . This one-day workshop helps organizations understand what it takes to deploy such a culture – tools and techniques for assuring execution. You’ll learn the 11C’s of stalled progress, the 7 laws of performance excellence, the 6 laws of Absolute Honesty and how to create a mind-set that drives to results.

Marketing & Sales for non-Marketing & Sales Professionals   (view content

This half-day workshop provides non marketing and sales professionals and business owners with simple, enlightening and entertaining insights as to what really matters and what really works (and what doesn’t) in marketing and sales. Learn the secrets of quickly drilling to the heart of sales and marketing issues. This program delights financial and engineering professionals alike. 

QMP™ Certification Program  (view program

Attending all four QMP workshops, plus completing a company-specific project, qualifies an individual for QMP Certification. In addition to the inherent benefit of learning to use an effective skill set and a tool kit, certification qualifies the individual to be a trainer in his or her own firm, using copyrighted QMP materials.

Consultancy Navigator Program (learn more

The QMP Consultancy Navigator Program is designed for individuals that have just started, or are considering starting, their own consultancy practice. The program helps individuals “productize” their capabilities, decide their most lucrative target markets and ideal customers, develop their “expert” reputation, successfully engage new clients, understand the ethics of consulting  and run an effective and rewarding practice. 



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