B2B Pricing Workshop

Did you realize that a 2% increase in selling price can have the same economic impact on a firm as a 25% improvement in manufacturing productivity.  This means that one sound pricing decision can have the same positive results as many as 100 people in operations increasing their productivity by 25%. 

Pricing is never static. Good pricing strategy is crucial at every stage of a product’s life cycle to assure optimized profitability.

QMP advises clients how to optimize pricing for all circumstances – new products, older products and those which are continually under assault from foreign competition.  We have a track record of finding ways of increasing prices under competitive pressures and finding strategies for gaining share at higher prices.

In this one-day workshop you will learn how to consider alternative approaches to pricing your products and services depending on market maturity and value. This means that you’ll learn how to drop through profits to the bottom line quickly.

Workshop Content  

Pricing fallacies

The 12 basic pricing schema

Penetration Pricing

Innovation Pricing

The Power of Customer-Centered Economic Value Propositions

Value Pricing

Dealing with Purchasing Manager motivators

Pricing on the Web

Channel-to-Market Value contribution analysis

Case studies: How to assess price increase opportunities


Who should attend

Product Managers

Marketing Managers



Finance and Accounting professionals

Registration Fee: $695 


Call us at 503.318.2696. or email to qmp1@qmpassociates.com to schedule a QMP B2B pricing workshop for your team